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Get Enrolled in our specialized Medical Billing & Coding services. Our team of dedicated experts, certified in CPT and ICD coding, ensures accurate coding that maximizes your reimbursements. With a meticulous Claim Submission team at your side, rest assured that your claims are filed promptly and precisely.

Our Accounts Receivables department focuses on optimizing your revenue cycle, ensuring timely and complete payment collection. Trust us to navigate the intricacies of medical billing and coding, while you focus on providing quality patient care.

Over a Decade of Experience

At Medfolio Billing Solutions, we offer comprehensive medical billing and coding services to healthcare providers across the United States. With over 13 years of combined experience in the medical billing sector, information technology, and business consulting, our team is certified and enthusiastic about helping practices improve their efficiency, increase revenue, and provide better patient care.

Technology-based Methods

We aim to assist our clients in increasing their finances through effective and efficient medical billing solutions. We have Electronic Health Record Software as well as technology-based methods of billing, transcribing, and managing different medical health services. As a medical billing company, our medical billing and coding team carries the most current knowledge of the billing industry and CPT and ICD-10 coding systems. Moreover, we have good experiences of 10 years with more than 200 satisfied clients and counting.

End to End Medical Billing Services

We understand the challenges that healthcare providers face when it comes to medical billing and coding. With ever-changing regulations, coding systems, and insurance requirements, it can be challenging to keep up. That’s where we come in. We offer end-to-end medical billing services that help manage your billing more efficiently, ensuring timely payments and a significant increase in revenue.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Our team of experts is well-versed in EHR/EMRs, which play a key role in reducing claim denials and increasing your practice’s revenue. We provide round-the-clock services throughout the year to solve coding and billing issues, ensuring that you get your payments on time.